EMP Πολυδιακοπτης 9×8 Multiswitch MS9/ 8EIP-9 (E.155-AP)

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EMP Centauri

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2-satellites (8 polarities) standalone multiswitches with an integrated power supply are designed for the distribution of terrestrial and satellite signals from 2 satellite positions for up to 16 subscribers (26 subscribers in Profi Class). Multiswitches are compatible with all satellite receivers, which support DiSEqC control system. They are suitable for both analog and digital reception.

Main features of Economy Class multiswitches:

    • compatible with Quattro/Quad LNB
    • active or passive terrestrial input depending on product type
    • integrated power supply
    • 9in/8out standalone multiswitch for distribution of 8 SAT IF signals including passive terrestrial for up to 8 users. Slim case.

79.90 Με Φ.Π.Α

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Frequency range LNB inputs 950-2150 MHz
Terr. input 5-862 MHz
Outputs 5-2150 MHz
Control   DiSEqC 1.0 (2.0) commands
Insertion loss Sat. 8 dB avg.
Terr. 16 dB avg.
Sat. inputs isolation Between V/H polarisations 25 dB avg
Between low/high bands 25 dB avg
Between sat. systems 30 dB avg
Maximum input level* Sat. 90 dBµV avg
Terr. 100 dBµV avg
Maximum output level* Sat. 82 dBµV avg
Terr. 84 dBµV avg
Power consumption From each receiver 40 mA (18 V)
From internal power supply 6 W + LNB
Dimensions (w,d,h)   36.0 x 11.4 x 5.3
(power cord length 130 cm)
Temperature range   -25 ~ +60 °C

*Terr.: EN 50083-3/60dB IMA3 [dBµV]; SAT: EN 50083-3/35dB IMA3 [dBµV]

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 00388 Κατηγορία:
Βάρος 1.500 kg


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