VU+ ULTIMO PVR HDTV (2xDVB-S2) SAT Receiver Δορυφορικος Δεκτης Linux

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The VU + ULTIMO is a state-of-the-art HD PVR with (out of the box) 2 DVB-S2 tuners on board. The VU+ ULTIMO is designed from a customers point of view. All remarks by the customers were taken into account and were implemented in this new design.

VU+ ULTIMO is equipped with an advanced pluggable-tuner system in which users can insert DVB-S2 tuners or DVB-C / T hybride tuners.
The DVB-C / T hybrid tuner from VU+ can be used for DVB-C or DVB-T transmissions.

VU+ ULTIMO offers more flexibility for the customer in every place in the world and this for satellite, cable or terrestrial reception.

Furthermore is this VU+ Ultimo equipped with improved hardware specifications:
A powerful400MHz CPU, OpenGL 1.0, a 512 MB large memory, temperature sensor based on the automatic fan speed, extremely low stand-by usage of only 0,5 W, universal remote, etc.

VU+ ULTIMO is future-proof and a very versatile triple HD PVR tuner.

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Technical characteristics:
– HD PVR twin tuner (with the option for a third hybrid tuner)
– 400 MHz CPU OpenGL 1.0
– 12 digits VFD Display
– 2 x Smartcard Reader
– 2 x Common Interface
– 3 x USB 2.0
– 10/100 Mbit Ethernet Interface
– Advanced EPG
– Fully automatic service scan
– Multimedia plug-in support
– CPU BroadCom: 7405

– Memoria RAM: 256 MB Advanced multi-format decoder supporting the following:
• HD/SD H.264/AVC Main and High Profile to Level 4.1 (HD),Level 3.1 (SD)
• HD/SD AVS Jizhun Profile Levels 2.0, 4.0, and 6.0 (720p and 1080i for HDTV)
• VC-1 Advanced Profile @ Level 3, Simple and Main Profile
• HD/SD MPEG-2 Main Profile at Main and High levels
• MPEG still image decode
• HD DivX 3.11/4.11/5.x/6x/Home Theater

• Advanced audio processor supporting the following:
• AAC LC, AAC LC+SBR Level 2, AAC+ Level 2, AAC-HE
• Dolby® Digital, Dolby Digital Plus
• MPEG I layers 1, 2, and 3 (MP3)
• Windows Media®and Windows Media Pro audio
• One pair of on-chip stereo high-fidelity audio DACs
• 3D SRS audio support
• One I2S input port and one I2S output port, plus S/PDIF output

Other Technical characteristics:
• High-performance 2D-effects graphic engine
• Studio-quality text and graphics at HD resolution
• Supports multiple layers and windows
• Digital noise and contour reduction (DNR/DCR)
• Reduces artifacts such as block/mosquito noise
• Picture-in-picture
• Supports simultaneous HD+SD display
• Mosaic Mode
• Supports up to 16 video decode/display for video-rich navigation
• Motion-adaptive deinterlacer with reverse 3:2/2:2 pulldown
• OpenCable™ ready with on-chip MPOD support
• 400-MHz Dual-Core CMT MIPS32®/16e class processor
• 64-bit DDR2 DRAM controller
• Dual SATA-2 interfaces for DVR and DVD applications
• HD analog video encoder with simultaneous SD outputs
• NTSC-M/J, PAL-BDGHIN/M/Nc, SECAM analog outputs
• 480i/480p/576i/576p/720p/1080i output formats
• Component RGB/YPrPb HD/HD-DVO outputs
• Macrovision® 7.1/NICAM support
• SCART 1 and 2
• Component, S-Video, and composite via six on-chip V-DACs
• VBI encoders for CC/TTX with NABTS/CGMSA/WSS/ Gemstar®, AMOL I/II standards and dedicated TTX sideband
• RF modulator with BTSC encoder
• ITU-R-656 input and output ports
• HDMI 1.3/DVI 1.0 Mac and PHY with HDCP 1.1
• Broadcom security processor
• AES/1DES/3DES/CSS/CPRM/DTCP copy protection
• MPEG-2/DIRECTV/DVB/ARIB data transport demux with 1DES/3DES/DVB/Multi2/AES descramblers
• V.92-capable soft modem with integrated SiLab Si305x system side device
• Dual USB 2.0 host controller with host transceiver
• Additional host/client USB 2.0 controller/transceiver
• Dual Ethernet MACs with integrated single PHY and MII
• UHF remote control receiver
• Dual SmartCard support

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 00459 Κατηγορίες: ,
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