Dreambox DUAL DVB-C/T2 Tuner

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The new Dreambox Twin Silicone DVB-C / T2 tuner is compatible with Dreambox DM 7080 HD, DM 7020 HD, DM 820 HD and DM 800 HD SE. The compact single-tuner Dreambox DM 820 HD, DM 800 HD SE turns into a powerful twin cable or terrestrial receiver. The DM 7020 HD increases its potential by four with the new Silicon Tuner and the DM 7080 HD even up to five inputs. The plug & play tuner is simply inserted into the slot provided. On the next boot, the Dreambox automatically detects and configures the new tuner. Further settings can then be made in the Dreambox menu. The new TwinSilicone DVB-C / T2 tuner supports all common standards. The new Twin DVB-C / T2 tuner design from Silicon Labs not only enables a blind scan with the Dreambox, but also channel feeds at unprecedented speed. Even if the tuner is only supplied with TV and radio signals via a cable, programs can be recorded by one transponder and at the same time viewed by others.

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Small dimensions
Low heat generation
Low energy consumption
Latest driver technology
Very fast transmitter search

DVB-C / T2 Dual Tuner suitable for:
DM 800 HD SE
DM 800 HD SE V2
DM 820 HD
DM 7020 HD
DM 7020 HD V2
DM 7080 HD

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 00866 Κατηγορίες: ,
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